South Florida Busienss Review: Miami Shores attorneys file proposed Google class action

By Paul Brinkmann
March 12, 2012

Miami Shores attorneys with Harke & Clasby are joining several firms nationwide who have filed class action litigation against Google regarding tracking cookies on Safari software for Apple products.

Attorneys Lance Harke and Howard Bushman signed the proposed class action complaint against Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), filed Wednesday in federal court in Miami.

The lawsuit has one named plaintiff, Keile Allen of Miami-Dade County, who allegedly used an Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPod and iPad to perform Web searches using Google via Safari software.

The local suit is one of several proposed class actions filed against Google afterThe Wall Street Journal broke a story Feb. 16 about Google and other advertising companies bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people on iPhones and computers to track Web-browsing habits. Stanford University researcherJonathan Mayer spotted the Google code.

In response, Google said the bypass was unintended and the company was deactivating that capability.

Wilmington, Del.-based law firm Sianni & Striate previously filed a proposed class action on behalf of plaintiff Matthew Soble of Illinois.


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